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Gryffindor Caption Contest

Our Admins:

Jamie: Gryffindor
Amy: Hufflepuff
Ida: Ravenclaw
Natalie: Slytherin

Rise of the Guardians sorting, please? With a few words of explanation, if it's not a problem ))


Jack(son Overland) Frost: I can see him in both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff to be honest. I know it’s very popular to sort him into Slytherin, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why. He is incredibly mischievous, playful, and sometimes reminds me of the Weasley twins. However, he is incredibly loyal to the children and will do anything to keep them safe. He’s also quite gentle and very generous. 

Nicholas St. North: Gryffindor: He is impulsive, bold, and very eager to stand up for what is right. 

E. Aster Bunnymund: Probably Gryffindor. Stubborn, hopeful and brave, Bunny has a caring nature, and will do anything to protect those he loves. 

Toothiana: Hufflepuff. She is very sweet, enthusiastic and gentle. But if you aggravate her, you better watch out!

Sandman: Ravenclaw. He’s very creative with his dreams, and can get somewhat competitive, even though he never looses that playfulness of his. 

Pitch Black: I think it’s only acceptable to put him in Slytherin? His main motive throughout the movie is to be feared and above all noticed again. I can’t actually see him in another house though.

Jamie: Although it’s a little too early to sort him, I’d probably say Gryffindor. He’s stubborn and refuses to give up what he believes in.  

- Ida (Ravenclaw)

You guys haven't been updating in a while. I would just like to know why.


Hey anon!

Summer ended up being very busy for all of us admins.  I know both Jamie and I ended up having to move a month earlier than we had both anticipated (freaky, isn’t it?) and then we were both at DashCon.

Natalie and Ida have both also been busy, but we’re working on freeing up time to get to our askbox and the drafts that are waiting for answers.

Thanks for all your patience.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

DashCon issues have settled out. We all got the money together just in time! It was quite a fiasco, but the con goes on!



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Wow how did I not know this blog existed? This blog is amazing! I am going through the Hufflepuff and going keep going, "accurate"


Thank you so much anon!

We are sorry that there hasn’t been a lot of new content recently.  All of us admins are swamped by life stuff.

But I’m glad you enjoy it!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Arrow Sorting

Submitted by: remyjohnlupin

Oliver Queen - Gryffindor

Laurel Lance - Gryffindor

Tommy Merlyn - Slytherin

John Diggle - Gryffindor

Thea Queen - Slytherin

Moira Queen - Slytherin

Quentin Lance - Hufflepuff

Felicity Smoak - Ravenclaw

Slade Wilson - Slytherin

Roy Harper - Gryffindor

Malcolm Merlyn - Slytherin

Sebastian Blood - Ravenclaw

Isabel Rochev - Slytherin

Shado - Hufflepuff

Sara Lance - Hufflepuff

Helena Bertinelli - Slytherin

Nyssa al Ghul - Ravenclaw

Dr. Anthony Ivo - Ravenclaw

Yao Fei - Ravenclaw

Walter Steele - Ravenclaw

Cindy “Sin” - Hufflepuff

Sort: The Walking Dead Game Season 1

Submitted by: thelittleunderdog

Lee: Hufflepuff, because he’s hardworking and fiercely loyal to Clementine.
Clementine: Slytherin, Because she’s cunning and resourceful (and even more so in season 2) and her determination to find her parents no matter what. 
Kenny: Gryffindor, because he is brave and has a lot of nerve.
Duck: i was bordering on hufflepuff, but i think Slytherin because of he was both cunning and resourceful when helping Lee find the clues in chapter 3.
Katjaa: Ravenclaw, because she is intelligent and accepting.
Lilly: Slytherin, because she has self-preservation and was the leader at the motor-inn, more or less.
Larry: also Slytherin because he would do anything to protect himself and his daughter.
Ben: Hufflepuff because he has dedication and kindness.
Carly: I was bordering on Ravenclaw, but i think Gryffindor because of her bravery and courage.
Doug: Ravenclaw because he is intelligent and creative.
Christa: Slytherin, because she is self-preserving for herself and Omid and will go to any lengths as long as the two of them are safe.
Omid: I actually can’t decide between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw with Omid, because he’s witty and creative like Ravenclaw but he’s also patient, kind and tolerant like a Hufflepuff.

Well that’s my go at it anyway. :)

The Vampire Diaries Sorting

Submitted by: remyjohnlupin

Elena Gilbert - Hufflepuff

Stefan Salvatore - Gryffindor

Damon Salvatore - Slytherin

Jeremy Gilbert - Gryffindor

Jenna Sommers - Gryffindor

Bonnie Bennett - Ravenclaw

Caroline Forbes - Slytherin

Matt Donovan - Hufflepuff

Tyler Lockwood - Slytherin

Alaric Saltzman - Ravenclaw

Katherine Pierce - Slytherin

Enzo - Slytherin

Lexi Branson - Gryffindor

Anna - Ravenclaw

Meredith Fell - Slytherin

April Young - Hufflepuff

Nadia Petrova - Slytherin