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Sorting Spree!

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Jamie: Gryffindor
Amy: Hufflepuff
Ida: Ravenclaw
Natalie: Slytherin

Sort: His Dark Materials

Submitted by bearcreature

Lyra: Slytherin. She lies constantly to protect herself. She’s trying to survive, and worms her way out of several near death situations with her crafty way with words. She’s trying hard to get the job done.

Lord Asriel: Gryffindor. He blasts through everyone’s defenses with little care for rules, or for whatever anyone else thinks, leaving devastation in his wake.

Mrs. Coulter: Slytherin. Mrs. Coulter uses her charm to her advantage, to get within inner circles, climbing to the top quietly, though deadly.

Iorek Byrnison: Ravenclaw. On the outside he’s got gryffindor, with a sense of honor and bravery, and yet he’s also a smith. His armor is his soul.

Will Parry: Hufflepuff. He throws himself into this adventure for the sake of his mother, and his mission is to find his father.

Dr. Mary Malone: Ravenclaw. She’s looking for answers.

John Faa: Gryffindor, ready to defend all under his wing

Farder Coram: Hufflepuff, calm, steady, and wise.

Serafina Pekkala: Ravenclaw, full of witchlore of 300 years

Lee Scoresby: Gryffindor. This Texan is brave, and knows how to fight. He’s tired, and misses his home.

A+ gif use for the two Hufflepuffs dating. By far the best


Thank you anon!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Sort: Pretty Little Liars

Submitted by ilikebandsyouhaventheardof

Spencer: Ravenclaw

Emily: Gryffindor

Hanna: Gyffindor

Aria: Slytherin

Mona: Hufflepuff- let me explain. I’ve only seen the first three seasons, but during that time Mona remains extremely loyal to A. Just remember that not all Hufflepuffs are nice.

This blog is amazing, and I love the sortings you do and different houses reactions, but I was just wondering where do you find all the gifs you use? :)


We get our gifs from around Tumblr, things people use as reaction images and the like.  I don’t know about the other admins, but if I see one of them post a gif I like, I’ll save it as well!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

About the Pretty Little Liars sorting I was just wondering why spencer was in slytherin I always thought she was more ravenclaw... Like I'm not disagreeing I just wanted to know


That sorting is part of our Sorting Spree and as such, was submitted to us by one of our followers.

Since we didn’t sort it, we cannot answer any questions about the sorting. As far as we are concerned you can contact the person who submitted it and ask them why they sorted it the way they did.

You are also welcome to submit your own sorting for Pretty Little Liars with explanations why your sorted them differently.

each house reacting to the realization that the fell in love with a teacher







at least that’s what we’d be thinking, we’d probably never say anything.



Sort: Skins

Submitted by poshtotties

Gen 1:

Tony - Slytherin

Sid - Hufflepuff

Michelle - Slytherin

Cassie - Ravenclaw

Chris - Gryffindor

Jal - Ravenclaw

Maxxie - Gryffindor

Anwar - Hufflepuff

Gen 2:

Effy - Slytherin

Cook - Gryffindor

Freddie - Gryffindor

Pandora - Hufflepuff

Emily - Gryffindor

Naomi - Ravenclaw

Katie - Slytherin

JJ - Ravenclaw

Thomas - Gryffindor

Gen 3:

Mini - Slytherin

Franky - Hufflepuff

Nick - Gryffindor

Liv - Hufflepuff

Grace - Ravenclaw

Rich - Ravenclaw

Alo - Hufflepuff

Alex - Slytherin

Matty - Slytherin