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Slytherin Caption Contest

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Jamie: Gryffindor
Amy: Hufflepuff
Ida: Ravenclaw
Natalie: Slytherin

How would a hufflepuff tell one of his/her house mates to get their head out of their arse and take some responsibility?


It’s actually really funny, because I have been in this exact situation.  Generally, Hufflepuffs do not like confrontation, but when it gets to this point, what we will do is sit down with their house mate and have a serious conversation, reminding the person of their responsibilities and make sure the person knows that the situation is serious.  It doesn’t always work, but we’ll keep doing it until it becomes clear that the person is either going to own up or they’re not going to change, in which case the Hufflepuff will basically be done with them.

Each houses reaction to the HIMYM finale?

We haven’t all seen it yet so we don’t know how to react to it. We also don’t want to spoil it for any of our followers who haven’t seen it either.

-Natalie (Slytherin)

Can you guys sort Young Justice and/or the Justice League?

Justice League is on our “Sorted by Us” list already

Here’s Young Justice:

Robin: Ravenclaw

Aqualad: Hufflepuff

Kid Flash: Gryffindor

Superboy: Slytherin

Miss Martian: Hufflepuff

Artemis: Gryffindor

why did you guys put Maleficent on ravenclaw?


As in the post, she has a goal that becomes her obsession.  She searches for Aurora/Briar Rose for 16 years because of a slight in etiquette.  She’s cunning, but she doesn’t really have the ambition needed to be in Slytherin.  She basically is cold and calculating, until she gets her revenge.

A Hufflepuff girl having a crush on a shy Ravenclaw boy but neither of them being confident enough to ask the other out




That board game post was so accurate but so funny because I am a Slytherin and I am beyond terrible at Monopoly.

I am not that great at most of the board games we listed. I’d rather play something like Scene-it (I have two versions of the Harry Potter version and I’ve never lost) or Cards Against Humanity. I just thought Monopoly would be more relatable to more people.

-Natalie (Slythein)