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Gryffindor Caption Contest

Our Admins:

Jamie: Gryffindor
Amy: Hufflepuff
Ida: Ravenclaw
Natalie: Slytherin

Sort: The Originals

Submitted by: remyjohnlupin

Klaus Mikaelson - Slytherin

Elijah Mikaelson - Ravenclaw

Rebekah Mikaelson - Gryffindor

Kol Mikaelson - Slytherin

Finn Mikaelson - Hufflepuff

Mikael Mikaelson - Slytherin

Esther Mikaelson - Ravenclaw

Marcel Gerard - Gryffindor

Hayley Marshall - Slytherin

Davina Claire - Hufflepuff

Camille O’Connell - Ravenclaw

Sophie Deveraux - Slytherin

Monique Deveraux - Slytherin

Jane-Anne Deveraux - Gryffindor

Genevieve - Hufflepuff

Josh Rozsa - Hufflepuff

Father Kieran - Gryffindor

Celeste - Ravenclaw

Thierry Vanchure - Slytherin

Diego - Gryffindor

Oliver - Slytherin

Jackson - Gryffindor

Eve - Hufflepuff

Francesca Correa - Slytherin

Sort: Danganronpa: the animation

Submitted by: slyph-of-life-and-mind

Keep in mind, I am basing this solely off the anime. The actual game may be different.

Makoto Naegi: Gryffindor

Kyouko Kirigiri: Ravenclaw

Byakuya Togami: Slytherin

Touko Fukawa: Hufflepuff

Genocider Sho: Slytherin

Aoi Asahina: Hufflepuff

Hagakure Yasuhiro: Gryffindor

Sakaya Maizono: Ravenclaw

Mukuro Ikusaba: Gryffindor

Leon Kuwata: Gryffindor

Chihiro Fujisaki: Gryffindor

Mondo Oowada: Slytherin

Kiyotaka Ishimaru: Hufflepuff

Hifumi Yamada: Slytherin

Celestia Ludenberg: Slytherin

Sakura Oogami: Gryffindor

Junko Enoshima: Slytherin

Jin Kirigiri: Ravenclaw

Monokuma: Slytherin

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Submitted by: captaingondor

Just going with the main team

Coulson: Gryffindor - I mean, the guy’s hero is Captain America and he took down Loki with a big old experimental gun

May: Slytherin - unafraid to use subversive methods, and always on top of the situation

Skye: Gryffindor - probably. possibly the one I’m least sure on so less explanation but she fits Gryffindor quite well

Fitz: Hufflepuff - seems like the epitome of a Hufflepuff to me, particularly exemplified in his reluctance to believe anyone is truly evil

Simmons: Ravenclaw - always fascinated with the ~science! behind things, wants to know and understand as much about it as possible, very Ravenclaw

Ward: Hufflepuff - a bad Hufflepuff, but a Hufflepuff all the same. Doesn’t seem very likely at frst glance but the reason he was Hydra was not because he believed in the cause or for personal gain, it was out of loyalty to Garret, who he would do anything for, and that’s very Hufflepuff. which is why I still have hope he can go good next season because of the friendship of the team there’s good in him I know


Submitted by: poseidon17

Emily Thorne - Slytherin. shes ambitious and will stop at nothing to avenge her father. she is deceitful sneaky and when knocked down find a new way around things until she gets to the top.

Victoria Grayson - Hufflepuff. she represents the loyalty side of hufflpuff. she just wants her family to survive and will do what she must to protect them from whatever threat is coming their way.

Nolan Ross - Ravenclaw. The tech savvy best friend to Emily Thorne knows his way around any computer and is the source of information to Emily.

Conrad Grayson - Slytherin. Very ambitious and cunning. does what he must do to succeed and be powerful. 

Charlotte Grayson & Declan Porter -  Hufflepuff. The innocent Charlotte Grayson and Declan Porter got dragged into this world by everyone around them. all they want is love, friendship and family and are fiercely loyal to who they believe their true family are.

Jack Porter - Gryffindor. Jack is very brave and chivalrous he sometimes runs into situations to protect people without understanding what is fully going on. He doesn’t care if he upsets his friends he will always do the honorable thing.

Daniel Grayson & Ashley Davenport -  Both Hufflepuffs turned Slytherin. both were innocent at the start. they were loyal to their family and friends but soon became corrupted and started plotting themselves. Both sought to get to the top with no care as to who they hurt.

Aiden Mathis - Gryffindor. Aiden is very loyal to Emily Thorne and acts as the brawn in most scenarios. he is there to protect his friends by standing up to those who would see them harmed. 

Sort: Philosophers

Submitted by: gladly-beyond-any-experience

Plato: Slytherin

We can’t deny Plato to be one of the most intelligent and influential people of his time, whose “intellectual inheritance” is still to be seen in present day. But while he was very intelligent, he was also deeply loyal to Socrates, so much that he wouldn’t attend the court when Socrates was sentenced to death, and made it his life’s ambition after that to bring down democracy (for a democratically elected court had sentenced Socrates to death) and spread Socrates’ legacy. I do think his inner feeling of entitlement to Socrates and the maintenance of his thoughts paired with his intellect make him cut out to be a true Slytherin.

Aristotle: Slytherin

I normally wouldn’t place every Greek philosopher in Slytherin (Socrates, for example, makes a perfect Gryffindor to me), but most of Aristotle’s work is based upon Plato’s, and as such strives to maintain a legacy towards power. Lots of Aristotle’s theses feature different government system, that each also feature courses in rhetoric - all devices to maintain power over the Greek population in a way. If I may refer to wikipedia for examples of his so called “canonical deductions” - they show Aristotle to be a great logician, and to possess the right amount of cunning for a true Slytherin.

Kant: Hufflepuff

Immanuel Kant is in my opinion the living definition of the word “hard-working”. He would follow his daily routine precisely each day, from the time he woke up to the time he had his tea and took a stroll through the park. According to his philosophical papers, he also believed in acting upon the morals implemented in yourself, which means that he thought everybody unable to be unkind as long as the followed their heart. (This is, of course, a very lose interpretation of his “categorical imperative”, but I don’t want to get into too much detail here^^) That he was seemingly unable to even imagine someone to “simply be mean”, makes him in my eyes a very good Hufflepuff.

Marx: Ravenclaw

From what we know, Marx is supposed to have been the first to discover “socialism” as a from of government. If this were to be true, he at least would have demonstrated great competence in outlining social utopias, but what he was lacking was the sheer will to realise his plans. Marx rather wrote his theses and fathered his housemaids (pardon my vocabulary, but in my opinion having thirteen children from a few different women accounts for being ‘quirky’ enough for Ravenclaw) than stir an actual revolution apart from his publications.

Nietzsche: Slytherin

Nietzsche should be the easiest for me, seeing as I attend his old school and we get his ideas and biography practically implemented in our brains, but the first thing that springs to my mind when I think about Nietzsche is how he was always discontent with the world and the people populating it, and even showed a few severe signs of mental illness. Nevertheless, the main idea featured in his publication is probably “God is Dead”, which means that God has died as an idea for each and every one of us and every human being should see to break the circle of the following masses and become his own “leader of morality”. For Nietzsche, this stood in a deep connection with a will to power, which is one of the trademark Slytherin traits. Despite his interest and creativity regarding many fields of study, Nietzsche always got bad marks and would’ve ended as a sorry creature hadn’t some academical friends discovered his potential and made him professor despite him never even finishing his “bachelor studies”, so I can’t see him as a Ravenclaw on my part. The dominant part of Nietzsche really was the never ending will and ambition to achieve something, and then despairing over not getting it. I know this doesn’t account for a proper Slytherin, but as I said - Nietzsche was just special.

Sort: The Girl Who Could Fly

sorted by: slyph-of-life-and-mind

Piper: Ravenclaw, with Gryffindor tendencies

Conrad: Slytherin

Violet: Ravenclaw

Smitty: Slytherin

Kimber: Gryffindor

Daisy: Hufflepuff

Myrtle: Gryffindor

Jasper: Hufflepuff

Ahmed and Nalen: Gryffindor

Bella: Ravenclaw

Lily: Slytherin

Sebastian: Gryffindor

Dr. Letitia Hellion: Slytherin

Nurse Tolle: Gryffindor

J: Slytherin

Betty McCloud: Gryffindor

Joe McCloud: Gryffindor

Millie Mae Miller: Slytherin

A person from each house (except Slytherin) meeting a Slytherin and being a bit prejudiced at first, and later realising the Slytherin is a good friend, and apologising for having been unnecessarily suspicious.



Meeting for the first time:


Apologizing for being wrong:






Meeting for the first time:

Apologizing for being wrong:

Can someone be a Slytherpuffclaw? I feel like I can relate to traits of those 3 houses. Interestingly, no Gryffindor :P

Technically within the canon you can only be sorted into one house, however it is completely possible to be torn between two or more houses in regards to which one you would actually be sorted into. Its generally accepted within the fandom that an individual can show house pride for any and all houses they may belong to.

- Jamie (Gryffindor)