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Slytherin Caption Contest

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Jamie: Gryffindor
Amy: Hufflepuff
Ida: Ravenclaw
Natalie: Slytherin

copperzealot asked: The houses planning a heist?


Ravenclaw would be “the brain”. The one that gathers all the information on the building, what they’re trying to steal, background information on everyone involved and hacking. Making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. 


The leader. Most likely the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Not the detailed plan, but the “hey we could just break into this place and steal it” sort of idea. They’ll want to take charge and give everyone a role. Most likely won’t set up a plan B or a plan to back out. They’ll be the one to take responsibility if shit hits the fan.


Weapons and training. We have to kick ass and I have to show everyone how to do this as quickly and silently as possible. Slytherin’s are sneaky by nature of course.


Umm… hmm. I think that I’d say the decoy.  We’re the ones that would go in and distract everyone right before it went down. And also maybe the getaway driver.